Stephen J. Hawkins
Stephen J. Hawkins BSc, PhD
Director, Marine Biological Association of the UK
Research group:Marine Biodiversity and Ecology
Contact:Professor S J Hawkins
Marine Biological Association of the UK
The Laboratory
Citadel Hill
Plymouth PL1 2PB
Tel: +44 (0)1752 633330
Tel: +44 (0)1752 633331 (direct)
Fax: +44 (0)1752 633102
Research interests:
Biodiversity and marine ecology.

  • Rocky shore community ecology.
  • Behavioural ecology of intertidal grazers.
  • Taxonomy and phylogeography of North East Atlantic and Mediterranean patellids, cirripedes, trochids.
  • Restoration of degraded coastal ecosystems, recovery of polluted shores and estuaries.
  • Shellfisheries, impacts of scallop dredging on benthos.
  • Long term change in relation to climate using rocky-shore indicators.
  • Co-ordination of MBA time series on plankton and fish.
  • Ecology and design of sea defences.
Publications: Recent papers

Southward, A.J., Langmead, O., Hardman-Mountford, N.J., Aiken, J., Boalch, G.T., Dando, P.R., Genner, M.J., Joint, I., Kendall, M., Halliday, N.C., Harris, R.P., Leaper, R., Mieszkowska, N., Pingree, R.D., Richardson, A.J., Sims, D.W., Smith, T., Walne, A.W., Hawkins, S.J., in press. Long-term oceanographic and ecological research in the western English Channel. Advances in Marine Biology.

Thompson, R.C, Norton, T.A., Hawkins, S.J., 2004. Physical stress and biological regulation control pattern and process in benthic biofilms.Ecology, 85, 1372-1382.

Genner, M.J., Sims, D.W., Wearmouth, V.J., Southall, E.J., Southward, A.J., Henderson, P.A., Hawkins, S.J., 2004. Regional climatic warming drives long-term community changes of British marine fish. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, B,271, 655-661.

Hawkins, S.J., 2004. Scaling up: the role of species and habitat patches in functioning of coastal ecosystems. Aquatic conservation: Marine Freshwater Ecosystems, 14, 217-219.

Johnson M. P., Frost N. J., Mosley M. W. J., Roberts M. F., Hawkins S. J., 2003. The area-independent effects of habitat complexity on biodiversity vary between regions. Ecology Letters, 6, 126-132.

Boaventura, D., Da Fonseca, L.C., Hawkins, S.J., 2003. Size matters: competition within populations of the limpet Patella depressa. Journal of Animal Ecology, 72, 435-446.

Hawkins, S.J., Southward, A.J., Genner, M.J., 2003. Detection of environmental change in a marine ecosystem evidence from the western English Channel. Science of the Total Environment, 310, 245-246.

Herbert, R. J. H., Hawkins, S.J., Sheader, M., Southward, A.J. 2003. Range extension and reproduction of the barnacle Balanus perforatus in the eastern English Channel. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 83, 73-82.

Kent A., Hawkins S.J., Doncaster C.P., 2003. Population consequences of mutual attraction between settling and adult barnacles, Journal of Animal Ecology, 72, 941-952.

Books and edited volumes

Raffaelli, D.G. and Hawkins, S.J., 1996 Intertidal Ecology, London, Chapman and Hall, 356pp.

Hawkins, S.J. & Jones, H.D. 1992. Marine Conservation Society Marine field course guide 1. Rocky Shores, 144pp. Immel. London.

John, D.M., Hawkins, S.J., Price, J.H., 1992. Editors Plant-animal interactions in the marine benthos. The Systematics Association Special Volume No. 46, Oxford, Clarendon Press, 570pp.

Collaborations: S.J. Hawkins works 10% for the University of Southampton, School of Biological Sciences, where he is Professor of Environmental Biology.

Joint projects have been run in recent years with UK Universities(Belfast, Southampton, Newcastle, Sunderland, SAMS, Plymouth), Europeand (DELOS, Eumar, Pisa, Lisbon, Porto, Evora, Goteborg, Azores, Florence, Genoa, Oviedo), Steering Committee of NSF North Atlantic collaboration project (CORONA). He organised Plymouth workshop in Jul 2004.
Funding:MarClim - The project is applying novel syntheses of existing long-term data on temperature-sensitive, readily observed intertidal climate indicator species to make predictions on changes in coastal diversity that may result from global warming. MarClim is a four year project funded by DEFRA, Environment Agency, English Nature, Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Scottish Executive, Scottish Natural Heritage, Countryside Commission for Wales, The Crown Estates, Worldwide Fund for Nature, States of Jersey.

Marine Environmental Change Network (MECN) - Use of long-term marine environmental data from around the British Isles and Ireland to separate natural fluctuations from global, regional and local anthropogenic impacts. 3 year grant from DEFRA.

Using historical datasets to investigate impacts of fishing and climate change on demersal fish assemblages. (With AJ Southward, DW Sims, MBA). Subcontract from CEFAS, funded by UK Department of the Environment (DEFRA) 43,575.

EUMAR ( European Marine Genetic Biodiversity) is a joint project with Dr JDD Bishop (2002-2004) funded by the EC, MBA share 251,117.

DELOS was an EU funded research project (FP V, 2001-2004, EVK3-2000-22038) which aimed to promote environmentally sensitive design of low-crested (LCS) and other coastal defence structures. This multidisciplinary project involved coastal engineers and oceanographers, marine ecologists and economists from 7 European countries (Italy, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, UK, Spain, Greece). 221,000
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